Final Recommendations

In our research we have conducted desk research, online research, netnography, and social network analysis.

We have come to the conclusion that marketers can very well profit from using a platform like YouTube and engaging with YouTubers as well as with their audience through them.

It is a lucrative way to create, build, and retain brand awareness, brand recognition, and brand loyalty. It is furthermore a great tool for promotional strategies, especially through the use of sponsored videos.

For marketers and advertisers it is important that they do not approach this platform the way they do traditional media, because YouTube is  a very new and intricate platform for advertising.

While it is lucrative and offers many opportunities, it can be tricky to create the right content for the target audience. Social Media like YouTube is very much based on human connections and demands two-way communication. It is important that brands really engage and do not alienate themselves from their audience. They need professional communicators to create a strong relationship between the brand and its audience.

Sponsored videos should furthermore be advertised as such and should not try to deceive the rather perceptive audience. They need to be honest and authentic, so that the YouTuber and the brand do not lose their credibility.


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