Social Network Analysis – Introduction

For this analysis we have chosen the social network website Instagram. Instagram was first launched on October 6th, 2010 (Wikipedia, 2016). We have chosen this website to analyse because Youtubers often use their Instagram account to promote their videos, as well as promoting products they have been instructed and accepted to advertise in their videos.

We could have also chosen the network Facebook. Facebook has been founded in 2004 (Facebook, 2016). Facebook was one of the first social media networks to be launched and therefore has been able to build up a big amount of active users, namely 1.5 billion (Statista, 2016). Youtubers often use Facebook as a way to communicate to their fans; they   regularly post new videos, information about their channel and other updates on this platform. As it is important for this research to obtain recent information about the connection between Youtubers and brand endorsement, the regular use and constant posting of user-generated content is a necessary source.

Though there is one downside to using this social network as a source for the data we will need. If one uses Facebook, you will only have the option to scrape data from one ‘page’, a page can be the page of a celebrity, a company or a brand. Using a page to scrape data from limits this research greatly. Thus we have chosen to use Instagram instead of Facebook.



A scraper is the tool we have used to conduct this research. With a scraper tool one can find the connections between different hashtags. The hashtags we will be using to conduct this research are: #youtube, #spon, #vlogging, #youtuber and #ad.

We believe these hash tags are the best choice for this research, because these hashtags may give information on if there is a connection between Youtube and brands. And if there is, we may see what other hashtags are related to these hashtags.

This information can be obtained around a certain place (using longitudes and latitudes), between a certain time (using specific dates) and from specific networks (either Instagram or Facebook).

Since we have chosen the network Instagram for this research, we will be using a tool called ‘Netvizz Hashtag Explorer’. This website can be accessed by the link: .

To use this tool, you will have to fill in a hashtag you want to explore or scrape information from. We have chosen explore the tags: #youtube, #spon, #vlogging, #youtuber and #ad.

Once the tool has gathered information on this, you will be able to download the gathered information in a zip file. This zip contains various types of files and among one of these files is a gdf file type, which you will be able to open in the programme ‘Gephi’. In this programme, you will be able to visualise this data into a graphic, using the various functions in this programme to make the graphic to your taste.


For all the graphics we have used the location ‘Amsterdam’ and the information within 5000 meters of Central Amsterdam. The altitude is 52.367822 and the is longitude 4.895859. The date we have chosen to scrape this information from is Sunday March 20th.


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