Conclusion and Recommendations


The aspect that stands out most here is that the bigger part of the YouTube audience is okay with their favorite YouTubers doing sponsored videos as long as they keep it true to their usual content, and the brand actually fits with both the audience and YouTuber. Let’s say if a YouTuber that usually uploads gaming content, uploads a sponsored video showing beauty products that would not make sense, thus, the audience reacting negatively to it.

We can also conclude that a sponsored video can be done really well, if you have a beauty vlogger doing a sponsored video for a make-up or hair product it makes sense.
Something big in the YouTube community itself is that a YouTuber has to stand out as YouTube is so big already, meaning that if a certain YouTuber is known to make specific types of videos if then stands out when a video is different.

The overall conclusion from the gathered Reddit comments is more directed towards a negative consensus. Reddit users are fed up with noisy ads popping up before they get the chance to watch the actual video. Especially the last thread about the link to a website instead of a link to the rest of the video infuriated a lot of users.

Some commenters elaborate on the story by telling people to stop complaining and download adblocker. Others nuance the sometimes outrageous outings of other commenters by providing information.

Some commenters show understanding. The fact that you can watch the content on the popular site for free is enough reason for some to accept the ads and spend the 30 seconds which they ask of the viewer.

The results of both communities show quite the differences in the perception of sponsored videos.



In light of these results, we recommend that brands should do thorough research on YouTubers and their audiences in order to find the right fit for their product. They should also find out what works best with YouTubers and their audiences and how they want to work with these people, because they want to satisfy their brand, of course, but also the YouTuber, for a harmonic work relationship, and the audience, of course.

It is important for advertisers to find creative ways of showing off the brand and its product, while being true to the YouTuber they work with.

Another idea is to make advertisements designed for pre-video showing entertaining as they usually seem to annoy viewers. If they are entertaining and tailored to the audience of a specific YouTuber or genre of video, viewers might not mind these advertisements so much.



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