Data Collection and Data Analysis

Negative comments.  

Positive comments.    

Mixed/More critical comments.

//// (before name) = response to comment

////// (before name) = response to response.



We looked for sponsored videos on YouTube and went to the comment section to find positive, negative, but also more critical or mixed comments, we did the same in Reddit. We have color coded these the following way:


YouTube Comment section

Name/Username Comment
Sarah Raynard As Much as I understand her points and think they are valid, brands are paying up to 20K+ pounds for YouTubers to create content and support their product(s). I think it’s important to listen to their ideas/wants and have a open/fluent conversation about it. YouTubers know their audience and what will work best to get content seen/shared but brands know their products. Telling someone who is spending a lot of money for a video ‘I know what I’m doing – leave me alone’ can be scary because the brand has a message they want the audience to see/hear. I’m sure some brands are horrible to work with and the 15-second rule is ridiculous! It’s important to strike a good balance between a fun creative video and allowing the brand to get value for money, they are approaching YouTubers because they appreciate their value and they know that these YouTubers have large, intelligent, social media savvy audiences and they know YouTubers are savvy too. Some brands do A LOT of research when finding a YouTuber/the right outlet to advertise their product(s), so not all of them are out of the loop as you might assume! And.. don’t bite that hand that feeds you… literally.
TeganKD See, I love it when you do brand deals because they’re so creative and honest. Things like your Pop Party mashup and the NuMe video in which you did a hair tutorial and a cover are so inspiring! I didn’t mind that it was a brand deal because they actually made me feel inclined to the brand because the video was interesting enough to make me feel inquisitive in the brand and it wasn’t just a spam of ads.
//// Tay Crooks I ADORED the NuMe tutorial. It was so beautiful and her voice is great and she looked amazing! I was so supportive of that video that I have decided to purchase that hair-wand soon as my next “big ticket” item (once I have some money haha).
The German Sisters I find it funny how every YouTuber advertises the new Samsung even though they personally have an iPhone!
Jared McCray You had one point I really want to highlight because it stuck out to me most. Most YouTubers won’t take a sponsorship from a product they don’t support, so let them make honest videos about it.
Adina V Finally(!) someone said it… I don’t mind brand deals at all (I mean why would I mind someone being enabled to make more content I enjony?!?) but I hate these ads where the youtubers are bound by countract to say the full product name a certain number of times throughout the video.. that’s soooooo obvious and fake.. if I want to watch commercials without any other point to the video than promoting a products, I can just watch tv.. and ads are the main reason I don’t ever watch tv..
Jottler13 As a viewer I think that you are complety right by saying that you should be able to do a brand deal how you want to do it and that it should not be scripted because the viewer seems to most of the time always know what and what isnt scripted anyway and it looks better for the company if they let someone present their product in their own way 🙂 it makes a brand seem much more appealing rather than having someone say sentence like! the leading provider of audio books.
Ayla R How do we send this to all youtubers on this platform? Because even if they do it right it’s good to refresh. I hate when youtubers make a majority of their video just and ad, like hello yes I’m here for your content and you, not 10 seconds of genuine you and an ad. I’m so glad you addressed this and hopefully this keeps annoying brands away from you not that they know what you expect 🙂
Mcflyloveme Do you actually think this or is this just an advert? I feel like you wouldn’t use ALL body shop if it wasn’t an advert?
Jgrootful I don’t understand why people get so upset about sponsered videos. Who cares!? I’m sure if someone paid you to make a video about some nice products as well as have them to you for free you wouldn’t say no!
//// cherylcake I think it can be annoying when they’re random products that aren’t even good that the person then never uses again as a lot of people will then go and waste tehir money on a sub par products. I trust Fleur not to promote anything she wouldn’t actually buy though and know she has been using the Body Shop products for years.
Itsyaboysharrod You know when big company’s email you and offer you A LOT of money to give their products a positive review? … Yeah me neihter, but when big YouTubers get those emails from company’s to give their product a positive review, this video is that, to like the 100th degree. I watched this video with such annoyince, like wow, they’re really going in for this toothpaste, as if it’s the best thing since sliced bread. They make sellling your sould for money so… happy… x_x
Yasmin Walton When youtbers put ‘ad’ in the titles, it means they are being sponsored which is basically getting paid for mentioning a product in the video, for example niomi is getting sponsored for that hair dryer thing in this video.
//// itsme_yoly I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being sponsored for promoting a product or tool you use and love. I don’t think she would forsake her fans for a few dollars by recommending something she doesn’t love herself.
Laura Alice I think you’re so inspirational, Niomi and I respect you so much but it makes me really sad when you promote products and brands such as L’Oreal who test on animals. :c I hope this didn’t come across as hateful
//// Amy C Companies such as L’Oreal and Benefit also outsource the testing of new ingredients for their products to companies that do test on animals, so they have by no means stopped, just done it in a sneakier way which would make you want to support them even less, really.
////// Pauline Brit I do agree. She says she’s vegan! To me being vegan is a choice you take because you are concerned about animals mostly… But I guess being vegan is just a “trendy thing”.
Tinnie28 The best kind of ‘ad’ is the one where you don’t realize/mind that its one, and you really do achieve that sweet spot of being yourself while talking about the products in a way that doesn’t seem like pandering at all.

I have unfollowed a lot YouTubers in the past when the frequency of their ad videos have shot up considerably, esp when you watch them and even without looking at the title/more info realize that its an ad.

What I’m trying to say is – congrats and keep up the good work. I always wait for yours and lily’s videos :).

Wendy Bee Someone else worded it so well. You do a great job at making us forget that it’s an ad. The content doesn’t suffer. You are so good at what you do and you are genuine. Please stay that way! I’ve seen many others change and not for the better.
MsTheBow Ugh! As if you veet. Thank you for indicating this is a paid sponsorship but I’m conflicted watching it. I know you nee to make a living but I can’t stand the conflict of interest!
Lauren and Emma I got fooled again! I thought it was a real video
Noelle Boudreau wishing you weren’t posting all these sponsored videos 😦
//// javoon 16 It’s a partnership with target.. Obviously these videos are in a series. No one is making you watch anything, there are millions of other sub-par gurus doing sponsorships for worse things I’m sure..
////// Noelle Boudreau You guys are so quick to attack.. just saying I want to see her normal videos instead of ads??? The comment section is to express your feelings on videos so don’t attack me for my opinion that I posted here. Thanks.





Username Comment
Scratchamundo I honestly don’t understand all this bitching about ads when it takes 10 seconds to install ‘ad block plus’ on your browser. What are you waiting for???


TVscott I don’t understand why people hate adds so much. You get content FOR FREE and all you have to do is let some add play. You don’t even HAVE to watch it or keep the sound on. Basically, you just have to wait 30 seconds. That’s how the company can afford to give you this thing that want for free. But people get their panties in a bunch. The impatience and entitlement of these people never ceases to amaze me.


flyingretard I hate it when I search up a youtube video, load up the page, and right when I click on the first link…an advertisement video takes the spot of the link. I am absolutely convinced this is intentional.



Username comment
TheXseption I paid $10 a day for 15 days and I gained between 40 and 50 subs and had like 7000 views in total. I was going to go for 30 days, but for what I was getting I felt that was to expensive. When I stopped advertising my channel grew much slower than before I started since so many people were un-subbing. I don’t think advertising works really, it seems to me that people are interested in that moment and then they never come back. My opinion is the only way to get more people interested is to make something they want to watch and have them find you of their own volition.


Thefearoz Just my 2 cents. I’ve tried advertising some of my video’s on YouTube and I can only echo what you guys have been experiencing. Views went up to 3000 video’s on my first vid, 14 video’s later and my average view count is about 200. My subs have increased but most of that has been word of mouth and improving my video content… I think this above anything else is what is instrumental in up’ing the subs, I’ve been asking anyone what they want to see and I make it.



Username Comment
Countchocula86 This is disappointing behaviour on Nintendos part. What do they stand to gain from these claims? People making videos of Nintendo games were providing free and targeted marketing beyond the scope of anything Nintendo could hope to achieve.


//// ZapActions-downer They aren’t taking them down, just claiming the revenue off them. So they get to have their cake (free advertising) and eat it too (receive money from the free advertising.)


ItsOppositedDayHere To head off the question of, “so what?”, here’s why this is significant. You might remember that SEGA issued mass copyright strikes for any Shining Force videos on YouTube a few months ago, which caused quite a stir. This is similar although somewhat less severe as content-ID matches simply cause the ad revenue to go to the ‘claimant’ (in this case Nintendo) instead of the video producer whereas strikes can cause a channel to be shut down. Still, many video producers gain a large portion of their revenue from Nintendo videos and this is a huge deal to them.

You might also be thinking that Nintendo has the right to do this, but I think it shows they’re being very short-sighted. These videos are essentially free advertising and the YouTube community surrounding Nintendo games contains some of the most evangelical and passionate Nintendo fans in the world. What Nintendo is doing here is cutting off the nose to spite the face. They’re discouraging the very people they should be wanting to gush about their games from covering them at all, and it’s a lose-lose situation for everyone involved.

As a result of this, I will be boycotting not only Nintendo published titles but all titles on the Wii U until it’s resolved.


Tj_MCweaksauce From a financial standpoint, I’m curious why the folks at Nintendo would bother doing such a thing.

I’m no expert when it comes to the revenues generated by professional Youtubers. I can only guess that even the more prolific Let’s Players are generating between $50,000 and $100,000, right?

That’s a solid, annual salary for a single person right there. But for a company like Nintendo, that’s a drop in the bucket. Even if they can funnel the revenues from 10 popular Nintendo Youtube channels back to their company, that amounts to no more than $1,000,000 – again, a large sum of money to individuals like us, but chump change to Nintendo.

You’d think that all the more-or-less free advertising for their games would be valued greater than the relatively small amount of money they’d get from Youtube’s rev share. Especially if this move will dissuade video producers from recording Let’s Plays of Nintendo games.

Curious move. I’d like to see where this goes.



Username Comment
Cupcakemedia People always miss the point of what a commercial is supposed to do. They are not there for you to like them, that’s only a healthy bonus when you do.

They are there for you to see the brand. That’s literally it. Here’s why:

When you next think of buying something, say you go out and you want to buy a shampoo. You are standing in the shampoo aisle and looking at all the different ones. “Fruity Creamy Soapy”, “Herr Wash”, “Clean Hair” and “Head & Shoulders”

Three of them – you’ve never heard of. They might be poisonous or acidic. You never know. Might contain spikes. But! You’ve heard that apparently this “Head and Shoulders” is indeed a shampoo. And you don’t remember hearing complaints about it. So … you need a shampoo, you grab “Head and Shoulders”.

You might be sitting and naivelly going “Well, I don’t do that! “Herr Wash” sounds hillarious! I would totally buy it, instead of the boring old H&S.”

1.     That’s probably not true. You’re probably going to buy a brand you recognise.

2.     Even if it’s true about you, it’s still going to be not true about like 90% of all people.

Yes, yes. I’m pulling the stats out of my arse, but the point is that being angry at a brand for showing you stupid ads is a fairly effective way for you to remember that brand next time you go shopping for something and you are not remembering that brief moment of frustration you had behind your PC when the ad popped up. Rather, you’re going “Oh, this is where they sell horse shoes. I knew it was around here somewhere.”


Average_pornstar YouTube spends over a million dollars a day on bandwidth. Each server costs 20k- 30k. Shit costs money, The ads pay for it.


Rils Top of Form

What’s really beginning to irk me is the YouTube “ads” that are just full videos from another channel!

Bottom of Form




(a thread about a picture of a youtube video in which an advertiser linked the ‘skip this ad’ button to its website, rather than continuing the video)

Username Comment
Stankyjohnson A new low…
Otivito I don’t understand why advertisers think pestering or tricking people is effective. I hate all that intrusive shit
MisallocatedRacism All that’s going to do is piss me off, and never buy your product




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